The power of the Wu-Tang Clan has awakened. 

Decentralized Finance through Wu-Tang Financial is the result.

What is wu-tang Financial?

Wu-Tang Financial is a decentralized financial ecosystem that wants to provide your best chance at financial security. What we offer is best explained by video.

Take a look at our explainer video below.

What Products do you offer?

Wu-tang financial delivers a diverse range of financial products geared towards helping you take that first step to the wu. 

we will help you diversify yo’ bonds, HOMIE.


Decentralized Yield Farming Platform

WuFarm is an excellent place to produce yield in the form of TANG token ($TANG) from any one of our liquidity pools. Simply stake your currency of choice and begin mining $tang at great rates. staked currency and mined $TANG can be withdrawn at any time. Once all $tang is mined, WuFarm will begin to produce Wu Token ($wu).


Decentralized Governance PROTOCOL

wuGOV ensures that the Wu-Tang Financial Ecosystem can remain sustainable for long-term success. WUGOV GIVES THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE; Just as it should be. With WUGOV, holders of WU and TANG can engage in voting and guiding the future path of this young ecosystem.

What are your Tokenomics?

Wu-Tang Financial believes in fair product distribution, sustainable sales metrics, and long-term success for our one-time and long-term clientele. Wu-tang Financial is the key to true decentralized finance.

Wu Token

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Supply: 3,600,000 WU
Sale - 2,000,000 WU (55.6%)
Locked - 1,000,000 WU (27.8%)
TEAM - 600,000 WU (16.6%)

Locked $WU is added to the liquidity pool along with 50% of the raised funds from the sale for immediate trading. LP Tokens will be locked for 1 year and the team allocation will have timed released schedule over 1 year.

Tang Token

Use: REWARDS AND governance Token
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Supply: 36,000 TANG
Mined - 30,000 TANG (83.3%)
Reserve - 6,000 TANG (16.7%)

Reserves are utilized and voted on how to be utilized by $TANG holders and can only be unlocked after all $TANG is mined. Reserved $TANG can be utilized to pay for proposals created by the community such as add-ons, new profiting mechanisms, and more.

Who is your Team?

Wu-Tang has been putting in work since the early 90’s; 1991 to be exact. from the gutters of staten island, new york, Wu-tang Clan has been building a true financial empire from the ground up. bit by bit, rock by rock, knock by knock.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 7.25.43 PM


Gary Grice

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 7.27.32 PM


Robert Diggs

Method Man

Clifford Smith

Inspectah Deck

Jason Hunter


Corey Woods


Lamont Hawkins

Masta Killa

Elgin Turner

Ghostface Killah

Dennis Coles

In Loving Memory of,

Russell Tyrone Jones

“Ol’ Dirty Bastard”

November 15th, 1968

November 13th, 2004

O.D.B says:

"Take a sip from the cup of death...
And when your shaking my right hand, i'll stab you with my left..."


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